A short history of the nose job

nose jobWe were very taken by a recent article in The Independent that looked at the way our aesthetic surgery ancestors went about things – and if you thought cosmetic treatment was a recent development, or that people have undertaken it due to media pressure, you’ll be just as surprised as we were. Not to mention profoundly grateful you live in this modern era.

According to the article, certain cosmetic procedures have been around since the 16th century, when ‘barber-surgeons’ were deployed in only the most extreme cases of facial disfigurement. Back then, a ‘nose job’ was less about reshaping and more about creating a complete replacement, due to all manner of viral nastiness.

Chancing your arm

Back then, a new nose would be fashioned from a flap of skin from the forehead or arm, which was folded into shape and stitched on. The recovery process was especially uncomfortable: an illustration of the time shows a patient with his wrist bound to the top of the head, with the skin graft still attached to the arm.

The process didn’t really move on from that until the mid-19th century, when an American doctor introduced the highly-dangerous process of administering ether, and a more sensible English doctor popularised the sterilisation of surgical instruments to avoid infection.

A whole new meaning to the term ‘runny nose’

By the late 19th century, paraffin wax was being used as a dermal injection, which was then moulded into shape – an incredibly dangerous thing to do, as it could migrate to other parts of the face.

The real development of the time was being performed by John Orlando Roe in America, who pioneered a method for performing surgery inside the nose – so no more external scars.

Thankfully, here at Dr Joney De Souza’s Mayfair aesthetic clinic we can provide a much safer and more advanced service, without the need to even go under the knife.

For more information on non-surgical nose re-shaping, please contact us.

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