laser hair removal

Bare legs are in this winter!

Yes, you read that right – this year it seems tights are out and smooth bare legs are in for the colder months. According to an article in The Times last month, the truly fashion conscious among us will be baring our legs until at least November.

Keep up with the it crowd

For many of us, that news will send shivers down our spine not just because of the cold, but because we thought our waxing days were done for this year, and we could safely hide our hairy legs away under thick black tights or trousers.

To avoid the hassle of hitting the wax – or the razor – again why not visit our Mayfair aesthetic clinic, where top London cosmetic doctor Joney de Souza, or one of our team, can perform laser hair removal using the Cynosure Elite plus laser.

Why do it now?

A course of laser hair removal treatments will take about 12 weeks in total, but you will probably notice a significant reduction in hair growth after the very first session, making shaving a much easier process.

Plus, if you start now, you will have reduced hair growth on your legs permanently by up to 86%, meaning you are well ahead of the game for next summer, autumn and indeed every season of every year from here on in!

Get started

Contact the team here at Joney de Souza Aesthetic Clinic in Mayfair today to book a free 15 minute consultation, to find out if laser hair removal really is for you.

Our cosmetic doctor, Dr Joney de Souza, can explain to you all the benefits and risks of treatment and tell you exactly what sort of hair reduction you can expect to see, in what time frame.

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