Blend in with the it crowd

The fashion world is awash with talk of tights at the moment – namely, when is it OK to concede to the cold weather and don the black opaques? Opinion is divided, but one thing is for sure: the truly committed fashionistas won’t be caught wearing black tights, even in the dead of winter.

How can we mere mortals compete with that? The truth is, most of us probably don’t want to, but it would be nice to know that – should the mood take you – you could just whip off your tights and bare your smooth, bronzed pins to the world, whatever the weather.

Now you can…

Here at Dr Joney de Souza Aesthetic Clinic in Mayfair, laser hair removal is one of the most popular procedures we offer, at any time of year.

Many people come into our London cosmetic clinic worried that laser hair removal won’t be for them, because in the past it was only suitable for a relatively small category of people with dark hair and pale skin. However, these days technology is more advanced and the laser we use works even on blonde hair.

Quid pro quo

One common reason people give for putting off laser hair removal is that it is more expensive than shaving or waxing. That may be true in the short term, but if you think about how much money you spend on razors or waxing sessions over the course of a lifetime – and particularly if you’re planning on going tight-free all winter – then laser hair reduction suddenly becomes a cost-saving option.

Don’t leave it too late

Permanent hair reduction is a treatment that many of our clients say they wish they’d had earlier. This is partly because you get more opportunities to show off your hair-free legs in your youth, but also because the earlier you get it done, the more cost-effective it becomes; the longer you put it off, the more money you waste on other hair removal options.

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