Botox and fillers – what’s the difference?

Even now that aesthetic treatments and anti-ageing procedures are more prevalent than ever, a lot of the general public are confused about the difference between Botox and fillers. This isn’t helped by the media, who will often comment on an actress being ‘over-Botoxed’, when any cosmetic doctor could tell you that the problem is an excess of fillers.

So, the team here at our London aesthetic clinic decided to give you a brief rundown on the difference between the two treatments, to help you decide which – if either – is right for you.


Botox is actually a brand name, and the correct term is either botulinum toxin – to give it its scientific name – or anti-wrinkle injections, which might give you a bit of a clue as to what it really does.

Wrinkle relaxing injections act on the muscles of the face, causing them to relax, and preventing wrinkle-creating expressions from being formed. This in turn smooths out the skin in the treated area.

Originally licensed for use on the glabellar (or frown) lines, in experienced hands Botox can also be used to great effect on crows feet and marionette lines.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers, as the name suggests, are used to literally fill in wrinkles. You can get different thicknesses of dermal filler, for different depths of wrinkles, and some of the thicker ones can be used as facial volumisers, to create plumpness where it has been lost through age.

Fillers can be used on most lines and wrinkles, as well as to create volume in the lips, but they are particularly useful for problems like ‘smoker’s’ lines around the lips, which can be difficult to treat with Botox, and are unlikely to be much affected by a facelift.

How to choose

The best way to decide which treatment is right for you is to book a consultation with London cosmetic doctor Dr Joney de Souza in our Mayfair clinic. Dr de Souza will go through your medical history, assess your facial structure and skin and talk to you about your ageing concerns, before devising a treatment plan with you.

For more information, please contact us at the Dr Joney de Souza Aesthetic Clinic.

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