Botox: Not just a pretty face

Botox can get a bad press, but for many of the patients I treat as a cosmetic doctor in Mayfair, it has a hugely positive effect on their life. Of course, it is most famous as an anti-wrinkle injection and is hugely successful at that – it would not be so popular if it didn’t take years off – but it can also have some other very beneficial effects:

A headache cure

We’re not just talking everyday headaches here – no one’s suggesting you visit your local cosmetic doctor for a spot of Botox instead of reaching for the paracetamol. But for sufferers of chronic cluster headaches, such as Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, Botox injections might just hold the solution to their problem.

Described by some as ‘one of the most painful conditions known to man’, cluster headaches have been known to drive sufferers to suicide, but a study carried out in Norway has shown that Botox injections through the nasal cavity can reduce the frequency of attacks by up to 50%.

A pick-me-up

It goes without saying that if you look better you feel better, but Botox can actually have a more profound effect on your emotions. We’ve all heard of the idea that forcing yourself to smile when you’re down will eventually make you feel happier, and it’s the same idea with Botox.

Because the substance injected – Botulinum toxin A – actually paralyses the muscles you use to frown, many patients find that their general mood is lifted, as they are unable to produce the facial expressions associated with negative emotions.

An anti-perspirant

This is a growing market, with some women’s magazines recently describing Botox as the gym bunny’s best friend. The muscle relaxing injections can be performed on the palms of the hands, the armpits or even around the hairline for a significant reduction in sweating.

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