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Bring your skin back to life

facial rejuvenation procedures LondonA new year is upon us, and we’re probably all feeling a little worse for wear after the party season. And all that partying takes its toll on your skin, too.

Apart from sticking to the usual new year resolutions – drink lots of water, eat healthily, avoid alcohol and stop smoking – here are some ways you can get the glow back in your skin this January. All of which are available here at Dr Joney De Souza Aesthetic Clinic in London.

Medical micro-needling

Dermaroller had its heyday a few years ago, when Angelina Jolie was revealed to be a big fan, but it is just as relevant now. The perfect pick-me-up for when your skin is feeling a bit dry and grey, medical micro-needling involves making thousands of tiny puncture wounds in the skin of your face, triggering your body’s self-healing mechanism, which stimulates collagen and improves blood flow to the skin, leaving you fresh faced and glowing with health.


One of the more popular treatments we offer here at Dr Joney De Souza Aesthetic Clinic in Mayfair, platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) – also known as “the Dracula lift” – is another procedure that harnesses the body’s own power for rejuvenation. Blood is harvested from the patient, placed in a centrifuge to separate all the platelet-rich plasma, and this is then injected into the skin of the face. This plasma contains growth factors which help speed up the self-healing process mentioned above.

Facial peels

Sometimes you just want to peel off the old, dead skin on your face and make way for the fresher layers underneath, and that’s exactly what we can achieve with a chemical peel. We offer three strengths of peel here at our Mayfair cosmetic clinic – mild glycolic peels, which can be used to brighten up a dull complexion; slightly deeper TCA peels, which can tackle fine lines and medium-depth peels, which reach the upper dermis and can tackle deeper lines, sun damage and pigmentation problems.

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