Can cosmetic surgery improve mental health?

happyWe’re all aware of the aesthetic benefits of cosmetic surgery, but this recent article in Cosmetic Surgery Times really piqued our interest.

According to Dr Foad Nahai, Professor of Surgery at Atlanta-based Emory University School of Medicine, there’s a distinct chance that there may be a link between successful cosmetic surgery that goes beyond simply looking better.

A closer look…

Let’s have a closer look at his claims, which were made an editorial piece for Aesthetic Surgery Journal and inspired by an article that put forward the idea that people with cosmetic surgery not only improve their mood after the procedure, but raise the moods of people around them.

As we all know, people who have cosmetic surgery aren’t necessarily doing it just to look good: more often than not, it’s also used as a confidence-booster. If you feel better about yourself, that’s going to impact on others.

A Botox boost

Dr Nahai’s other points are even more interesting. He’s raised a theory that has bubbled up from other studies that suggest that toxin treatments that relax the face can benefit people suffering from depression. But his most surprising suggestion is the possibility that people who have undergone successful cosmetic surgery could be less susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease later on in life.

Although he’s definitely not making any solid claims on the correctness of this theory – he’s only putting the idea forward in the hope that proper research into the idea is carried out – it’s certainly got us thinking.

Dr Nahai has pointed to the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging’s findings that people with negative-age stereotypes were far more likely to suffer in later life than those with positive ones.

So is there something in it? We’re unsure, but we’ll be following this theory with interest…

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