London's Dr Joney De Souza offer Cryotherapy for removal of skin lesions

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Cryotherapy treatment is the process of using liquid nitrogen liquid to freeze and treat various skin problems. At Dr Joney De Souza Aesthetic Clinic it is used to remove skin tags or warts. The process is very easy and quick and causes very little pain.


“I really didn’t think much could be done about my small skin tags without the need for surgery. I was so surprised when I came to see Dr Joney and then was able to have them removed using cryotherapy. It was so quick and painless.”


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Number of Treatments Depends upon the number of skin tags or warts needing to be removed
Procedure Time 15 – 20 minutes
Anaesthetic A topical anaesthetic may be applied if required
Sensitivity Period None
Back to Work Straightaway
Full Recovery Immediate
Duration of Results Usually permanent but further treatment may be required


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What can cryotherapy do for me?

Cryotherapy is an excellent treatment for removing small skin tags and warts.

Who is suitable for cryotherapy treatment?

Dr Joney De Souza will take your medical history and assess your suitability for cryotherapy treatment during your free consultation.

What’s the treatment like?

Small amounts of liquid nitrogen will be applied to the area to be treated, this will make the skin tag or wart very cold which will destroy the cells within and block the blood supply to the area causing it to eventually drop off. The liquid will be applied to the skin using a specialised probe. The process is over within minutes, although for larger skin tags you may need to have more than one treatment before it is completely removed.

What happens afterwards?

Following cryotherapy treatment you are likely to experience some redness and soreness in the area treated. It is possible that you might develop one or more blisters around where the skin tag had been, although over the next few days you will notice these start to scab over. Eventually the blisters will completely disappear, and the area will be smooth once again.

How can I book an appointment?

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