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Dr Joney De Souza gives Daily Mail journalist an Oscar makeover

The Oscar ceremony on Sunday didn’t disappoint with Hollywood stars looking as flawless as ever. Although both the female and male film stars tend to have a serious genetic advantage that doesn’t mean to say that for the last couple of weeks they haven’t been undergoing a series of aesthetic treatments to ensure they are red carpet ready.

FEMAIL journalist Deni Kirkova accepted the challenge to transform herself into a Hollywood star in a week with the help of Dr Joney De Souza. This involved a number of non-surgical treatments that are guaranteed to get great results without the need for a lengthy period of downtime.

Here’s what she went underwent:

3D Facial

Daily Mail journalist 3D facialDeveloped to tackle a range of skin concerns, the 3D Facial combines three different treatments for optimal results. Once Deni’s skin was cleaned, Milena Naydenov of Dr Joney De Souza’s Aesthetic Clinic performed microdermabrasion which provides a deeper exfoliation, reducing any light pigmentation, acne scarring, pore sizes and fine lines.

Acne breakouts are one of Deni’s chief worries so the second stage of the 3D Facial is the application of a Nd:YAG laser which kills of any acne-producing bacteria, as well as reducing the inflammation and redness that accompanies a breakout. It also stimulates collagen production.

For the final brightening and plumping touch, a ZO sheet mask was placed on Deni’s face.

Filler Nose Job

Daily Mail journalist non-surgical nose job beforeDaily Mail journalist non-surgical nose job afterDeni has always disliked the bump on her nose but didn’t want to go down the root of surgery so Dr Joney then performed a non-surgical nose job using temporary dermal fillers. Careful application of the filler in three separate points meant that Deni’s nose was now perfectly straight while the tip still pointed upwards.

“I loved how my nose looked straight and somehow smaller immediately,” Deni said immediately after the treatment. Results of a non-surgical nose job can last 18 months and the treatment is a fraction of the cost of a rhinoplasty.


There’s a reason that Botox is still the most popular non-surgical treatment in the UK; it is a highly effective way to reduce dynamic wrinkles such as the frown lines in the middle of Deni’s forehead that she worried made her look angry or tired.

Laser Hair Removal

To ensure her body was as primped and preened as her face, Deni then underwent laser hair removal on her legs, reducing hair growth by 30% per session.

Daily Mail journalist transformed by Dr Joney De SouzaA makeover and beautiful gown later, Deni commented that she was “amazed at what can be achieved at such short notice, at a more affordable cost and with little pain.” If you want more information on any of the treatments that Deni underwent, call 020 7043 0748 and speak to one of the team.

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