Joney De Souza lip injections

Dr Joney De Souza shows Daily Mail readers that lip augmentation can look natural

Kylie Jenner’s ever-expanding lips have garnered headlines around the world, with many young women wanting to emulate her look and many more people complaining that they look fake and unnatural.

lip enhancement results LondonBut is it possible to achieve a subtle and beautiful lip enhancement? Dr Joney De Souza was recently invited by Daily Mail journalist Deni Kirkova to put temporary dermal filler Juvederm to the test.

As Deni explained: “I wasn’t unhappy with my lips but always thought they could be a little fuller.”

Dr Joney injected Volift, one of Juvederm’s range of hyaluronic acid dermal filler, around Deni’s lip line. Volift adds subtle volume, with results lasting up to ten months. It also contains local anaesthetic lidocaine for increased patient comfort.

Achieving results that patients want is based on listening to their hopes and expectations, but also utilising practitioner experience and skill. “After injecting in three places in the right half of my top lip, Dr Joney checked in with me to see if I was happy with the look,” Deni explained. “We both gave our opinions, after which he added a little more at the peak of my Cupid’s Bow but refused to add more towards the corners of my mouth. I trusted his professional authority.”

Before and immediately after lip augmentation procedure

Daily Mail lip augmentation

Deni really enjoyed her experience at Dr Joney’s central London clinic: “I was a bit nervous when I got to the clinic but Dr Joney made me feel completely at ease. The difference in the end really is very subtle – but I love it very much; unnervingly so.

“My verdict. Lip filler can indeed look natural, and provide the most tasteful but effective of differences. It certainly won me over.”

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