Has Bill Clinton had work done?

President_Bill_Clinton_2007With Hillary Clinton making a bid for President this year, we’re going to see a lot more of her husband up until November, and possibly beyond.

And he’s suddenly looking pretty decent for his age – a lot better than before, in fact. So naturally, speculation is rife over the possibility that the former President has been getting familiar with his local cosmetic clinic.

So great was the interest in the US that Hollywood Reporter got together with a selection of cosmetic surgeons to see what they had to say – and the overwhelming consensus? “Of course he has!”

Benefits of a healthy diet?

While Clinton has benefited from losing a lot of weight over the last decade – due to a vegan diet he embarked upon after his heart surgery – that weight loss has impacted upon his face, until recently. Now he has tighter, smoother skin and a more contoured jaw line, which Beverly Hills surgeon Dr Joubin Gabbay believes is down to facial resurfacing and – possibly – a face and neck lift.

“I went back to pictures from 2015 as a comparison, and he had significant crow’s feet that he no longer has,” said Dr Gabbay. “Horizontal and forehead lines are still there, [but] that’s such a part of his natural expression, they probably said, ‘We’re not going to touch that.’”

While other surgeons speculated that work had been done on his eyes, and others argued over whether he’d had a neck lift, they all agreed that whatever he’d had done, he hadn’t looked this good in a long time.

“He looked rejuvenated, not freakish – not like Kenny Rogers, who has become the standard for bad plastic surgery2, but like a better version of himself,” said Dr Gabbay.

Behind every great man…

In recent years, women have begun to realise that cosmetic enhancement is not just for the rich and famous, and – if our Mayfair aesthetic clinic is anything to go by – now men are starting to realise it’s not just for women either.

Advances in aesthetic treatments and technology mean that we can now offer truly natural looking results, to take years off you without anyone suspecting you’ve had anything done.

As this article from Men’s Journal attests, the number of men having procedures in the US last year rose by 56%, which experts attribute both to improved non-surgical options and to the shrinking job market forcing men to compete harder than they’ve ever had to before.

Losing that beer belly

One area that men are increasingly keen to improve is the dreaded “beer belly” – a pocket of stubborn fat on the abdomen that is traditionally very hard to lose through diet and exercise alone.

One option for this is Sculpsure, the latest addition to our treatment list here at Dr Joney De Souza Aesthetic Clinic in Mayfair, which uses laser technology to reduce fat around your stomach. The fat then dissolves gradually over a period of a couple of months, as if you have lost the weight naturally.

The procedure itself takes just 25 minutes, and requires no prep at all. Combined with the slow onset of results, this is a major reason for the procedure’s popularity among men, as you can just pop out in your lunch hour and no one will suspect you’ve had anything done. Cost is another factor: Liposuction costs between £3,000 and £6,000, while Sculpsure prices start out at £500.

Recovery is quick – bruising and discomfort are common, but bandages are rare – and most patients are able to return to work immediately after treatment.

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