LED red light therapy treatment reviewed by Grazia

Grazia journalist Melissa HenryGrazia-Logo.svg recently sought help from Dr Joney De Souza for the treatment of telangiectasia, the tiny veins that appear on the cheeks and nose as a characteristic of the skin condition rosacea. Keen to avoid laser treatments that could make her sensitive skin worse, Melissa turned to Dr Joney for advice as he is an expert in treating all skin types and skin concerns.


Dr Joney shows Daily Mail readers how to look 10 years younger without surgery

The results of yet another dramatic transformation wielded by Dr Joney De Souza have recently been revealed in the Daily Mail. Originally created by Brazilian cosmetic surgeon Mauricio de Maio, Dr Joney is one of the only practitioners in Europe to offer the 8-Point Facelift, at his aesthetic clinic in central London. Dr Joney has spent many years refining this innovative non-surgical solution to many of the visible signs of facial ageing. READ MORE

Dr Joney De Souza gives Daily Mail journalist an Oscar makeover

daily_mail_mainThe Oscar ceremony on Sunday didn’t disappoint with Hollywood stars looking as flawless as ever. Although both the female and male film stars tend to have a serious genetic advantage that doesn’t mean to say that for the last couple of weeks they haven’t been undergoing a series of aesthetic treatments to ensure they are red carpet ready. FEMAIL journalist Deni Kirkova accepted the challenge to transform herself into a Hollywood star in a week with the help of Dr Joney De Souza. This involved a number of non-surgical treatments that are guaranteed to get great results without the need for a lengthy period of downtime. READ MORE

Dr Joney De Souza shows Daily Mail readers that lip augmentation can look natural

daily_mail_mainKylie Jenner’s ever-expanding lips have garnered headlines around the world, with many young women wanting to emulate her look and many more people complaining that they look fake and unnatural. But is it possible to achieve a subtle and beautiful lip enhancement? Dr Joney De Souza was recently invited by Daily Mail journalist Deni Kirkova to put temporary dermal filler Juvederm to the test. READ MORE