Is Kim right to avoid Botox in pregnancy?

Kim Kardashian has reacted to recent reports that she has had cosmetic work on her face whilst pregnant, saying she would not have Botox and fillers during pregnancy for fear of endangering her child. Obviously every mother wants the best for her child, and this latest media frenzy has sparked a flurry of panic among pregnant women who had Botox injections before they knew they were expecting.

So, what are the facts about Botox in pregnancy?

The truth is, as with so many things, no one really knows whether Botox can harm an unborn child. However, the general rule when pregnant is ‘better safe than sorry’, so most cosmetic doctors would advice against having botulinum toxin injections during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

What if I had the injections before I knew I was pregnant?

First of all, don’t worry. We advise against cosmetic injections of any description during pregnancy, because there are no long-term, large-scale studies to show the effect these products have on a foetus. However, we do know that both Botox and dermal fillers tend to stay very close to the point of injection and are very unlikely to enter the blood stream, so if you have had either of these treatments before discovering your pregnancy, the chance of harming your unborn child are very slim.

What can I do to maintain a youthful look during pregnancy?

As Kim explained in her retort to the press, pregnancy can be its own anti-ageing treatment, as your face tends to become plumper, smoothing out the lines. However, if you do feel you need an extra boost, London cosmetic doctor Dr Joney de Souza recommends treatments that encourage the body’s own wound-healing reflex, such as medical micro-needling, or dermaroller.

During your London dermaroller procedure, a roller covered in thousands of very fine needles is rolled across your face, creating thousands of tiny puncture wounds. This stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin, as your skin tries to repair itself, resulting in plumper, firmer skin and a youthful glow.

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