Is surgery on its way out?

The latest BAAPS audit has shown that the number of people having cosmetic surgery in 2014 fell by a surprising 9% from the previous year. The surgeons themselves claim this is due to people settling down into a more cautious routine after a wave of indulgence post recession, but could it in fact be due to a rise in more effective non-surgical procedures to halt the ageing process?

A more natural look

Here at Dr Joney De Souza Aesthetic Clinic, in London, we find that the vast majority of the patients who walk into our clinic request a natural look from their cosmetic treatment – they want to look younger, or more attractive, but they don’t want to look like they’ve had anything done. A skilled practitioner can achieve this using anti-wrinkle injections, fillers, microneedling or a combination of these in the form of a non-surgical facelift.

Surgery can offer a very effective solution to the cosmetic problems associated with ageing, but it is difficult to undergo a surgical procedure without anyone suspecting anything – not only is there a degree of downtime that has to be explained, but you are likely to look noticeably different at the end of it.

Prevention, not cure

As non-surgical cosmetic treatments have been around for longer and become more prevalent, a new generation is beginning to think about halting the ageing process.

Anti-ageing procedures are no longer the domain of those wishing to look younger than their years, but are becoming popular with those who want to stay looking young for longer. As such, surgical procedures are not necessary, but anti-wrinkle injections, fillers and other non-surgical treatments can help to slow down the appearance of lines, wrinkles and other ageing giveaways.

A quick fix

While it’s true that all cosmetic procedures should be treated as serious medical interventions, dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and other non-surgical treatments can certainly be said to offer quicker results with less downtime than the equivalent surgical procedures.

Here at Dr Joney De Souza Aesthetic Clinic in London, we specialise in offering natural-looking results with minimal downtime, using the best products and technologies available. For more information, please click here.

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