Laser hair removal – why choose us?

There is no shortage of aesthetic clinics and beauty salons offering laser hair removal – in London you can barely walk down the street without passing several windows advertising the treatment. So why should you choose Dr Joney De Souza Aesthetic Clinic for your laser hair removal procedure? Here are just a few reasons.

Trained aesthetic professionals in a clinical environment

Dr Joney De Souza himself is a GMC-registered aesthetic doctor and member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine. He is also a trainer in aesthetic medicine at Wigmore Medical, one of the biggest distributors of aesthetic products and devices in the UK.

As such, the team of aestheticians here at Dr Joney De Souza Aesthetic Clinic in London, is trained to a high level and with a great deal of experience in laser hair removal and other aesthetic treatments.

Laser hair removal, while widely available, should still be treated as a medical procedure, and should be performed in a sterile environment – not in the back room of a beauty salon.

State-of-the-art lasers

Here at Dr Joney De Souza Aesthetic Clinic in London, we believe in offering our patients the very best, and Dr Joney De Souza personally researches every new product, device or treatment that is brought into the clinic.

The Cynosure Elite+ laser can provide effective laser hair removal on all skin types and colours, including tanned skin.

Personalised treatment plan

How many treatments you need and at what time intervals will depend on a number of factors, such as skin type, hair colour, hair texture and the treatment area.

Here at Dr Joney De Souza Aesthetic Clinic in London, Dr Joney will hold a personal consultation with every patient prior to commencing a course of laser hair removal treatments, and will tailor a treatment plan that is specific to you.

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