LED Red Light Therapy

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Red light therapy is an exciting skincare treatment that provides a minimally invasive, effective alternative to laser therapy. Facial ageing presents in a number of different ways; from rough, porous skin, loss of elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles and an increase in pigmentation. Red light therapy can tackle all these signs of ageing and it can also be used to treat skin conditions such as acne, rosacea or eczema.

The benefits of light therapy were first discovered by NASA scientists searching for a way to grow plants in space. Its therapeutic uses were initially applied to the treatment of psychiatric conditions, sleep disorders and for accelerating wound healing. Dermatologists then determined it could treat acne that wasn’t responding to antibiotics and now red light therapy has become increasingly popular as an aesthetic treatment to reverse ageing changes in the face.

Red lightwaves are delivered into the dermis, boosting circulation that brings more oxygenated blood and nutrients to the skin and increasing lymphatic drainage. Importantly, it also stimulates the release of cytokines, chemical messengers that prompt collagen and elastin production.

Light therapy treats acne by targeting the acne-causing bacteria in the skin and inhibiting sebum production that makes the skin oily. The red light also promotes skin healing so can help with acne scarring. Rosacea is another hard-to-treat skin condition that can benefit from the application of light therapy. Studies have shown that it can reduce the appearance of facial redness, flushing and also the visible blood vessels, known as telangiectasia, that commonly appear on the nose and cheeks.


What can red light therapy do for me?

Red light therapy encourages the production of collagen and elastin, essential building blocks in the skin, so it can greatly improve the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of premature ageing. It has also been shown to be beneficial in reducing acne and improving rosacea and other skin concerns.

Who is suitable?

This treatment is suitable for all skin types and can tackle a range of skin concerns. Patients suffering from sensitive skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea can also benefit from red light therapy.

What’s the treatment like?

LED light therapy is non-invasive, painfree and there is no downtime involved. Laser therapy induces collagen production by delivering heat into the dermis, but LED light therapy is a heat free treatment so there is no damage to the skin. Typically, a course of treatments is required for optimal, lasting results.

How can I book an appointment?

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