Long-term risks of Botox?

A recent article published in the Daily Mail suggested that Botox injections could pose a long-term health risk, as suggested by a neurophysiologist, who claimed that there is a lack of evidence for the effect of the drug on sensory neurons.

Twenty-five years and counting

Whilst any procedure that involves injecting something into the body is not without risk, Botox has one of the longest track records of any aesthetic treatment.

Botulinum Toxin Type A (more commonly known as Botox) was first approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat squints and twitching eyes in 1989. Once its use became widespread, doctors started noticing the effects it had on their clients’ wrinkles, and in 2002 it gained its cosmetic license in the States.

Since then, millions of treatments have been performed worldwide and there have been thousands of extensive clinical trials into its usage. At this time – over 25 years since it was first used – there is no evidence that Botox is risky in the long term.

Practitioner, not product

The Daily Mail piece cites a few horror stories from patients who have had bad experiences of Botox. These stories are truly saddening, but they do have one thing in common – the problem was caused not by the Botox injections themselves, but by the negligence of the practitioner who performed them.

Here at Dr Joney de Souza Aesthetic Clinic, in London, we ensure that all our clients are fully briefed on all the possible side-effects of any treatment, along with the necessary aftercare to get the best results from your aesthetic procedure.

Dr Joney de Souza has the necessary experience and training to perform Botox treatments both successfully and safely.

Top for wrinkle reduction

Botox has always had its critics – and of course, it isn’t for everyone. But as aesthetic practitioners we see a lot of products coming onto the market claiming to be the next, biggest thing in anti-ageing, and as yet nothing compares to Botox for fast, effective and lasting wrinkle reduction.

For more information about Botox and the other procedures we offer at our London aesthetic clinic, please contact us.

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