8-point facelift for facial rejuvenation

Looking for a lift this Christmas?

We’ve already talked about some treatments that can help get you ready for the party season, but sometimes you need something a bit more drastic. However, before you put ‘facelift’ on your Christmas list, there is a non-surgical facelift alternative you ought to know about.

The 8-point lift

The 8-point facelift is a revolutionary non-invasive face lifting treatment that uses dermal fillers to provide a lifting effect and restore volume in eight key areas of the face. The treatment can effectively deal with sagging skin, under-eye bags and jowls along the jaw, all using a relatively small amount of dermal filler.

What are the 8 points?

Top London cosmetic doctor, Dr Joney De Souza, learned this technique from its creator, pioneering Brazilian cosmetic surgeon Mauricio de Maio. Dr Maio identified the 8 key areas of facial volume loss as the following:

  1. The cheeks
  2. The tear troughs (under the eyes)
  3. The nasolabial area
  4. The corners of the mouth
  5. The pre-jowl area
  6. The jawline
  7. The lower cheek
  8. Marionette lines (mouth to chin)

How does the 8-point lift work?

By using a dermal filler to restore volume to these key areas, Dr de Souza can create a lifting effect on the whole face, giving a subtle but distinctly rejuvenated look – everyone will think you look fantastic, but no one will suspect you’ve had anything ‘done’.

The procedure takes a total of around 45 minutes and you can be back at work within 48 hours, with full results visible and any residual redness fading after around 3-4 days, making it the ideal treatment to have on a Friday so you can return to work on Monday refreshed and glowing.

For more information or to book a consultation at our Mayfair aesthetic clinic, please contact us.

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