Save Face and choose your practitioner wisely

For anyone considering a Botox or dermal filler procedure, choice of practitioner is the most important decision you’ll make but, at the same time, is probably the most overwhelming. Our clinic is based in Mayfair, in central London, and even a quick internet search will find a long list of clinics and practitioners offering these popular aesthetic treatments.

Often, because they are deemed non-surgical, patients underestimate how important it is that they choose an experienced and properly qualified medical practitioner who is not only able to produce beautiful results safely, but can also handle an adverse reaction or a result that wasn’t exactly what you were hoping for.

At the Dr Joney de Souza Aesthetic Clinic we are fully committed to patient safety which is why I recently became a Save Face accredited practitioner. This website aims to offer a safe and impartial service for anyone searching for an aesthetic practitioner. All accredited practitioners are fully qualified to offer these treatments and clinics are checked to ensure safety protocols are followed. Any organisation that promotes patient safety should be promoted.

Here’s some more Dos and Don’ts for those considering any kind of aesthetic procedure:

DO thoroughly research the procedure AND the practitioner

From Botox to boob jobs, every procedure comes with its own risks and benefits, and there’s no way of knowing whether its for you if you don’t read up on it first. Use the Internet to find out the pros and cons of your chosen cosmetic treatment, and then to find out the top practitioner in your local area to do the job.

Generally speaking, Botox, dermal fillers and other non-surgical treatments can be carried out by a cosmetic doctor, whereas any actual cosmetic surgery must be performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon.

DON’T rely on the practitioner’s own website

Look at other patients’ reviews online, check out their credentials if you can, and ask around. When you meet the cosmetic doctor or surgeon face to face, ask how many of these procedures they have performed previously and request to see before and after photos so you can see how proficient they are.

DO see more than one practitioner

As a cosmetic doctor in London, I am used to patients coming into my office for a consultation only, as part of the research process. You should aim to consult with at least three practitioners before choosing which to go with, based on their expertise, experience and your rapport with them.

DON’T make your decision based on price

Your face and your body are beyond value, so why would you risk them for a cut-price cosmetic procedure? If you’re weighing up between two practitioners who seem equally good but one is slightly less expensive then by all means pick the cheaper option, but make sure you look at every angle before making that call.

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