Cosmetic clinic in Mayfair queries the reaction to Sharon Osbourne's new look

Sharon Osbourne’s new look causes Twitterstorm

Cosmetic clinic in Mayfair queries the reaction to Sharon Osbourne's new lookShe’s never been shy about revealing what she’s done to herself, so it wasn’t that much of a surprise when Sharon Osbourne appeared on the first episode of the latest series of X Factor showing off another new look.

All well and good, but as this article points out, Mrs Ozzy is not the only cast member to take advantage of the benefits a good cosmetic practitioner can provide.

Louis Walsh, who claimed to have never indulged in aesthetic surgery, appears to have had an eyelift to go with his newly-straightened teeth and hair transplant, while Nicole Scherzinger and Simon Cowell are reported to be no strangers to the wonders of Botox.

But she’s certainly the only one who’s having her appearance pulled apart and argued over on social media. As the mature woman of the team, is that surprising – or fair? The team here at Dr Joney De Souza Aesthetic Clinic in Mayfair decided to take a closer look.

The shaming of Sharon

One glance at some of the choicer comments pinging around Twitter about Sharon speak volumes about the general impression of the people who make use of cosmetic treatment. You could argue that Sharon – who has been more than happy to talk about her aesthetic work – has brought the attention on herself, but we feel there’s a double (or in the case of the X Factor panel, quadruple) standard going on here.

We’re living in a world that has become very comfortable with the idea of men like Cowell and Walsh being concerned about the way they look: they’re practically being applauded for doing something about it.

No nastiness for Nicole

Scherzinger, as part of a younger generation that sees cosmetic treatment as nothing to be ashamed of, is portrayed as a naturally attractive woman who is merely maximising her assets.

The moral of this story is that people of all ages, backgrounds and genders can benefit from cosmetic treatment, whatever the reason for wanting it. And they should be treated by their peers the same way they’re treated by their practitioners: with equal respect.


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