Botox treatments

Suited, booted and Botoxed

A report on the US website Fortune earlier this year claimed that Botox is becoming as much a part of the ‘Wall Street uniform’ as the perfect suit and crisp white shirt combo. Experts surmised that one reason for the surge in top level financiers seeking out the wrinkle relaxing treatment was the recent financial crisis, which resulted in a bottleneck situation in the job market, with hundreds of highly qualified applicants and only tens of vacant positions.

The ‘Wall Street wrinkle’

For years, aesthetic treatments have been perceived as the domain of women, and London cosmetic doctors like myself have been used to female patients coming in hoping for every wrinkle and blemish to be eradicated.

However, as the number of men seeking facial aesthetic procedures continues to rise, we are seeing a change in the way we are asked to treat the lines. In the Fortune piece, one expert – New York plastic surgeon Dr Norman Rowe – claimed that many Wall Street workers are asking their aesthetic doctors to leave some wrinkles untouched. “They’re battle scars,” he said. “They’re badges of honour, so to speak.”

Where America leads…

According to a survey quoted in the mailonline earlier this year, Britain too has seen a rise in the number of men having cosmetic treatments, with males now making up 10% of all aesthetic patients, and one in nine of those men having Botox in their lunch hour.

I have certainly noticed an increase in the number of men I see in my Mayfair aesthetic clinic, and Botox continues to be one of the most popular facial aesthetic procedures I offer. As London too has been hit by the recession in recent years, I wonder if British men are starting to follow their American cousins’ lead and seeking aesthetic treatments to get them ahead in the job market.

Subtly does it

Botox doesn’t have to give you a baby smooth complexion – in the hands of the right cosmetic doctor, it can be very subtly done, leaving you looking younger and fresher, but still with the air of experience.

As the bankers of Wall Street know too, Botox is not just for faces – they are using it to counter the sweaty palms that can be the downfall of a firm handshake and the giveaway of a less than confident mind. A London cosmetic doctor like myself can perform Botox on hands and armpits as well as foreheads, to help you to stay fresher from head to toe.

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