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Tear trough treatment results

The tear trough is the line or depression between the upper cheek and your eyelid that becomes more marked as we age. People often visit our London clinic complaining that they look tired with marked dark circles whether they have a good night’s sleep or not and a marked tear trough can be the cause.

Although there are a number of treatments on the market that claim to treat the tear troughs, we believe that the most effective are dermal fillers. We only use temporary hyaluronic acid dermal fillers that have an excellent safety record. Dr Joney uses a cannula to inject the product as he believes that produces a very soft, natural look.

This month we treated a patient who was happy to have photographs taken of her treatment. Here’s Dr Joney injecting the filler.

Tear Trough Treatment pic three Tear Trough Treatment pic two

This picture shows the results with just one side treated:

Tear Trough Treatment pic one

She was so happy with her tear trough results that she posted her story on FaceBook.


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