The General Medical Council’s new checklist

checklistYou may have heard that the General Medical Council– the public body that maintains the official register of all medical practitioners in the UK, which includes Dr Joney De Souza and all the staff at our Mayfair aesthetic clinic– are starting to crack down on the unlicensed and unscrupulous amongst the cosmetic surgery community in the UK. And about time!

While they’re tightening up the standards in our industry, they’ve also created a checklist for prospective patients to go through with their practitioner of choice, to ensure that they know exactly what they’re about to go through, whilst ensuring that their surgeon is completely up to the job.

Dr Miriam Stoppard has written a piece in the Daily Mirror outlining the key points, which we suggest you read. Allow us to address the main points:


Dr Stoppard states that; ‘the doctor who will carry out your procedure must speak to you personally and get your consent.’ Absolutely. We understand how much of a commitment it is to undergo aesthetic treatment. Consent is everything to us.

Openness and Experience

Dr Stoppard says; ‘don’t trust a doctor who isn’t open and honest about their skills, experience, fees and the risks involved.’ We totally agree. Our credentials are completely out in the open. There are plenty of Before and After pics that we are more than happy to share with prospective clients, and you will be fully informed about where you’ll be treated.

Time and Cost

Dr Stoppard: ‘your doctor must explain the costs clearly, including details on addition procedures, such as anaesthetics and overnight stay.’ Very true. All initial prices are available on our website, although – of course – a more detailed breakdown of costs can’t happen until a period of consultation between doctor and client.

The Dr Joney de Souza Clinic sees this move by the GMC as a very welcome step towards helping the public find the aesthetic solution they deserve.

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