The rise of the holiday body

holiday bodyThis recent news story certainly piqued our interest: British cosmetic surgery clinics have seen a spike in business over the past few months due to people wanting to look as good as possible on holiday.

According to the Mirror website, UK clinics have seen a 20% rise in bookings for nip-and-tuck procedures – many from people who are foregoing this year’s foreign holiday, spending their devalued currency at home on cosmetic treatment, and showing it off at the seaside instead.

Is this a healthy attitude?

Whilst making an investment on looking good in time for a one or two-week period seems like a snap decision that hasn’t been fully thought through, it actually makes sense: if people annually go to various levels of extremes to get a ‘bikini body’ in time for their holiday, the idea of getting a little help from a trained cosmetic surgeon is actually safer in the long run than a crash diet.

What’s more, and in our experience, the people who come to our Mayfair aesthetic clinic for treatment hardly ever do this sort of thing on a whim: more often than not, it’s because they’re reaching a milestone in their life, and they want to look as good as possible for it.

Whilst not as important as a 40th (or 50th, or 60th) birthday, a holiday is seen as a key moment in peoples’ short-term life. When else are you invited to show your body off, or are even expected to?

So if you’re thinking of undergoing a treatment of cosmetic surgery – at any time of the year – our advice is to give yourself plenty of time to consider what you would like to have done, and be aware that you’ll be undergoing a mental as well as a physical transformation.

New kid on the block

If you’ve given the idea of cosmetic treatment due consideration, however, and are still keen to consider something to help you lose those stubborn love handles, you might want to take a look at our latest offering: Sculpsure.

A light-based bodysculpting treatment, Sculpsure uses laser technology to precisely target and destroy fat cells in just one 25-minute treatment session. Those fat cells are then absorbed by the body over the course of a few weeks, meaning you can easily pass your new physique off as the hard-earned result of a strict diet and exercise regime.

With no downtime (unless you count the 25 minutes spent lying down in the clinic during treatment) and a reported 24% reduction in stubborn fat, Sculpsure truly is a lunch hour fat removal treatment.

And while we don’t necessarily hold with the idea of a “bikini body”, there’s no doubt that a procedure like Sculpsure can help you feel more confident in flaunting those curves on the beach.


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