FAQ – Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

What is Anti-Wrinkle Treatment?

Doctors have been using these injections successfully to treat facial lines and wrinkles. In general medical practice, it is in use since the 1980’s to treat muscle strabismus, spasticity and facial spasms in adults and children.

It can be used to treat:

  • Eyes – to reduce crow’s feet
  • Forehead and brow – to reduce frown lines
  • Mouth – to reduce the fine vertical lines on the upper lip or to treat down turned mouths
  • Neck – to treat lines and lift the jowl line.

What results can I expect?

Facial lines are caused by repeated use of the facial muscles of expression e.g. squinting and frowning.  By injecting the smallest doses using a tiny needle into the muscle this can reduce the amount of facial muscle movement and the lines can be softened. The aim of the treatment is to break the habit of frowning or squinting and so reduce the appearance of the lines and also reduce the development of further facial lines.

Are there any risks or complications and side effects?

The side effects are minimal and all are temporary. The injections may sting very slightly but aren’t painful. Other side effects are minimal and might include redness and swelling at the injection sites that usually disappears after an hour or so. There is also a small risk of bruising at the injection sites.

How do I book my appointment?

For further information or to arrange a consultation, call Dr Joney De Souza Aesthetic Clinic at 98 Crawford Street on 020 7043 0748 or email info@joneydesouza.com.

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