Mesotherapy & Deep Skin Hydration

Mesotherapy in London by Dr Joney De Souza

Anti-ageing Mesotherapy (Mesolift) is a treatment that acts globally and biologically on cutaneous ageing and its causes. The technique consists of multiple injections carried out in the superficial dermis with a very fine needle. Very small quantities of a poly-revitalising nutritive complex are injected along the wrinkles of the face, neck, décolletage and back of the hands. This preventive and remedial treatment is adapted to all types of skins.

Deep skin hydration with hyaluronic acid can gradually return skin volume to better levels, being effective in the treatment of face, hands and décolletage. Hyaluronic acid is very efficient in holding water, which supports the skin and provides volume and smoothness. This treatment can replenish the skin levels of hyaluronic acid lost as we age, giving the skin a healthier, replenished appearance, with improved elasticity. It can also reduce skin irregularities.

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