Cynosure Palomar Icon Erbium Yag 1540 Fractional laser skin resurfacing is similar to Fraxel®. It is used to treat a number of skin conditions with minimal downtime including skin retexturing, reduction of lines and wrinkles, scarring, improving skin tone and texture and even stretch marks.


Cynosure Palomar Icon Erbium Yag 1540 Fractional laser skin resurfacing is similar to Fraxel®. It is used to treat a number of skin conditions with minimal downtime.

Cynosure are one of the world’s most advanced aesthetic laser manufacturers and the Icon Erbium Yag 1540 Fractional Laser can penetrate the skin deeply enough to stimulate collagen but not damage the skin surface. It delivers light to the skin through an array of high precision microbeams that penetrate into the dermis. 

The effect of this treatment is to cause skin coagulation in columns, surrounded by healthy, unaffected skin. Collagen production is stimulated in the skin which will continue to repair itself with new, younger and healthier skin. 

The Icon 1540 delivers fractionated light which makes the treatment safer to use on most skin types and produce consistent results.

Fractional resurfacing with the Icon 1540 is much less invasive compared to ablative laser procedures such at CO2, resulting in a faster recovery time. Most patients experience minimal downtime, with some mild redness and swelling for a couple of days. Aftercare is simple and consists of moisturisers and sun protection (SPF). 

What our Clients say

“I can't believe the difference Icon 1540 has made to my skin Dr Joney De Souza.  It helped retexture my skin and reduce lines and wrinkles that had been bothering me for so long, it even helped reduce some scarring issues I had”


  • No. of treatments      4 treatments ideally, 3/4 weeks apart
  • Procedure Time        45-60 minutes
  • Anaesthetic                60 minutes
  • Sensitivity Period       mild redness and swelling 24-48 hours
  • Back to work              Some redness and swelling at treated areas
  • Full Recovery             48 hours
  • Duration of results     on going with maintenance


What can Cynosure Palomar Icon Erbium Yag 1540 laser treatment do for me?

Icon Laser 1540 treatment works by directing a beam of laser light to target imperfections within the skin, including lines and wrinkles, improving skin texture, reducing scarring and even improving stretch marks.

Who is suitable for Cynosure Palomar Icon 1540 Laser Treatment?

Most people who want to improve the general quality, tone and texture of their skin and reduce lines, wrinkles, scarring and even stretch marks are suitable for laser treatment.  You will be invited for a consultation and also a patch test to ensure skin type and suitability for Cynosure Palomar Icon Erbium Yag 1540 laser treatment.

What’s the treatment like?

The treatment causes only minimal discomfort and any initial soreness is alleviated by the topical numbing cream applied for 30-60 minutes prior to treatment.

What happens afterwards?

Aftercare is the use of simple moisturisers and SPF50 sunscreen should be applied as a post-treatment precaution.

How much does Cynosure Palomar Icon Eerbium Yag 1540 Laser treatment cost?

You can rest assured that we only use the highest quality UK sourced products at our clinic, this includes only the most premium dermal fillers and the most advanced FDA approved technologies. With the highest levels of customer service and expertise, our focus is on you - just have a look at our amazing reviews.

Face    600* | 2160**
Face & neck   750* | 2700**
Face, neck & décolletage    850* | 3060**

Neck    600* | 2160**
Décolletage    600* | 2160**
Neck & décolletage    750* | 2700**

Small area (5x5cm)    350* | 1260*

* 1 treatment session ** 4 treatment sessions | Sessions 4 to 6 weeks apart

How can I book an appointment?

Contact Dr Joney De Souza Skin & Laser Clinic today on 0207 043 0748, book online now or email us at or visit us at 49 Blandford Street, Marylebone, London W1U 7HH