TempSure Envi™ is a FDA cleared Skin Tightening treatment that helps to reverse the signs of aging by reducing fine wrinkles, improving facial contours and tightening loose skin, resulting in a much smoother, more even complexion. TempSure Envi is non-invasive, safe and effective on all skin types and involves no downtime. Improve your overall skin quality in areas that are most telling when it comes to age, such as the eyes, brow lines, forehead, cheeks, smile lines and neck.

Tempsure Envi™ - FAQ

What is Tempsure Envi Skin Tightening?

Tempsure Envi Skin Tightening by Cynosure uses mono-polar radio frequency to target the dermis layer of the skin to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in firmer, smoother and younger looking skin.

How does Tempsure Envi Skin Tightening work?

The controlled deep dermal heating triggers the shortening of aged collagen fibres and the production of a huge number of new healthier and stronger collagen fibres. Collagen is the structural protein found in skin that holds connective tissue together. As we age, collagen production slows leading to sagging or tired looking skin. Researchers suggest we lose approximately 1 percent of collagen per year.

What will Tempsure Envi Skin Tightening treat?

Tempsure Envi Skin Tightening is a non-invasive way to treat moderate skin laxity and the ideal treatment for skin sagging prevention, as it will significantly increase the skin collagen fibres content, It also treats wrinkles and fine lines, in addition to improving skin texture.

What should I expect with Tempsure Envi?

The treatment is similar to a facial. A gel is applied over the area to be treated and the head of the equipment carefully glides over the skin and releases heat. Each session is between 30 to 70 minutes depending on the areas treated and you may return to your normal daily routine immediately after the treatment. Four sessions are recommended for optimum results and treatments will need to be spaced two weeks and maximum 4 weeks apart . 

How many Tempsure Envi sessions will I need?

The number of sessions will vary depending on the person and their skin condition. However, optimal results are often seen after 4 to 6 sessions. Results are gradual and cumulative, with final results fully seen 12 weeks after a treatment session. For maintenance and preventative treatment, a single session is recommended.

Will Tempsure Envi skin tightening hurt?

Most clients relate the feeling to a warm deep tissue massage. It is very rare to need any sort of topical numbing cream or anesthetic. 

Treatment Prices

You can rest assured that we only use the highest quality UK sourced products at our clinic, this includes only the most premium dermal fillers and the most advanced FDA approved technologies. With the highest levels of customer service and expertise, our focus is on you - just have a look at our amazing reviews.

Full face    450 | 1620
Full face & neck    550 | 1980
Full face, neck & décolletage    650 | 2340

Lower face    350 | 1260

Upper face    350 | 1260

Neck 250 | 900
Décolletage    350 | 1260

Mouth area (‘smoker’s lines’)     300 | 1080
Upper lip (‘smoker’s lines’)    200 | 720
Submental*    300 | 1080
Forehead    250 | 900
Eyes    300 | 1080

* 1 laser session | ****4 laser sessions

How can I book an appointment?

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